Chancellor's Innovation Fund

Leading Us Into the Future

The Chancellor's Innovation Fund provides us with the flexibility to act on various projects as we work to prepare our students to lead lives of impact and service. The fund allocates resources across the University in pace with our long-term plan, DU IMPACT 2025. Uses of the Innovation Fund can include:

  • Financial support for first-generation students to help them integrate into their new community
  • Fellowships for graduates pursuing groundbreaking work in the interest of the public good
  • Funding for community education projects

As the only unrestricted campus-wide source of funding, the Chancellor's Innovation Fund can help address our greatest needs and generate change on campus and beyond. The fund's flexibility allows us to maintain our entrepreneurial culture as we look to maximize investments that encourage experiential learning, world-changing research and innovative scholarship.

Contribute to the Chancellor's Innovation Fund

Invest in Our Future


The Chancellor's Innovation Fund is an essential tool to pursue the promises stated in IMPACT 2025, our community-generated vision for the future of higher education. We aim to be a modern urban global university, dedicated to the public good and integrally connected with our surroundings. 

We'll accomplish this by creating an inclusive community defined by collaboration, innovation and a deep commitment to making the world a better place.