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Adapting During COVID-19

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University of Denver

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masked professor conducting remote class

The University of Denver responded to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic with strength rooted in excellence and vision. Examples abound. Experts from University Libraries worked quickly with DU faculty to convert the spring quarter from in-person classes to remote instruction. Proven teaching practices found a new outlet through online classes. The University provided resources for alumni needing support in career transition, while also amplifying the work of alumni-owned businesses during a time when many had to adapt quickly to new realities. Philanthropic investment in innovative programs enabled a swift move to online delivery for the benefit of our students and the entire community. DU’s resilience – demonstrated in our ability to pivot during the pandemic – is a hallmark of the University throughout our long history.

Together we persist, adapt and thrive. Throughout DU, we are forging new ways to pursue our longstanding vision of being a private university dedicated to the public good. Our deep commitment to our students, along with the partnership of like-minded alumni and donors, creates stability during times of uncertainty. This ability to meet new challenges and opportunities also paves the way for untold innovations in the years to come.