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Daniel and Janet Mordecai Executive Lounge Provides Space for Students and Employers

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University of Denver

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Nestled on the third floor of the new Burwell Center for Career Achievement is the Daniel and Janet Mordecai Executive Lounge. Featuring stunning views of campus and the mountains through several floor-to-ceiling windows, this gathering area will provide a co-working space for potential employers to meet with students. The important purpose of this lounge spoke to Janet as a place to honor her late husband, Daniel.

Daniel and Janet Mordecai
Daniel and Janet Mordecai

Daniel Mordecai graduated from DU in 1956 with a degree in the arts and humanities. The University of Denver recognized his potential and offered him the opportunity to pursue higher education. Daniel achieved career success later in life—in his 50s—when he founded the U.S. Nursing Corporation in 1989. His story reflects the importance of career networking prior to graduation, as these opportunities allow students to begin planning their careers before leaving campus. The Burwell Center will provide students with indispensable information on navigating a productive career, especially in their early years.