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Investing in the Future of DU

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University of Denver

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The strength that our alumni and community members are building at the University of Denver – through visionary endowed gifts and planned gifts that create faculty funds, timeless facilities, scholarships and more – will bolster the knowledge and experiences that are central to a DU education for many years to come. Their generosity creates a solid foundation for the University’s future, providing stability and resilience so we can devote resources for our students’ success and design a future that will enable them to lead. Those who give in this way are enacting a shared vision with the University: creating opportunities that will advance research and teaching in fields that they love, paving the way for more students to attend DU, building and preserving the iconic physical structures of our campus, and so much more.

With deep gratitude, we acknowledge the enduring commitment of the donors and alumni who join us in establishing the foundation of opportunity and resilience for the students of today and of generations to come. Our giving societies recognize the significant impact that these gifts have on our students and on the University itself. Through the Spire Society, a lifetime giving society for those with cumulative giving of $100,000 or more, we celebrate donors’ tremendous generosity that is transforming DU by supporting today’s education and research to create tomorrow’s world. Through the Pioneer Legacy Society, we recognize those who have included DU in deferred giving arrangements, supporting the future of the University of Denver.